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Happy Birthday Play School: Celebrating 50 years


Visitors to our exhibition are writing to Play School on its 50th birthday.

Take a moment to post your thoughts and memories here to help us celebrate this remarkable program in its special year.

Your can also share your memories and thoughts using #PlaySchool50 on social media.

Dear Play School

Which window is your favourite? Which presenter do you remember most? Did you have a favourite song

Little Ted toy from Play School

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Open the Play School mailbox

Sally Fisher
15 Jul 2016 8:08pm

Hi I am 54 years of age and watched play school for the first time 50 years ago. My parents bought me Big Ted for my 4th birthday. He is exactly the same as your Big Ted except looking a little more worn. I wonder who else out there has a 50 year old Big Ted? 🙂

Lizzie Zeuner
11 Jul 2016 8:49pm

Happy 50th Birthday Play School!!!!!
You were a big part of my growing years. You always gave me the joy of waking up, excited and elevated for a fresh new playful episode of Play School. Your singing, dancing and crafting was inventive and interesting and every single moment every child was trying to copy what was happening. I will never forget the funny and wacky actors that made the show, and their quirky ways of doing the activities, with their adventurous toys that went along with them. We love you Play School, you make such a difference to young children's lives. Now I'm 15 and would like to be an actor and musician when I grow up, and maybe audition for Play School one day.

09 Jul 2016 11:41am

Dear Play School,
I'm seven years old and Play School is my favourite show. I have made some cards but I can't find anywhere to post them to.
My mum has taken photos for me.
Love Keelani

Benita and John
05 Jul 2016 9:41am

Dear Playschool
My 3 children were born in 1982, 1983 and 1984. All 3 would watch Playschool each afternoon, completely wrapt up in the songs and activities. From my passing-watching, I can still sing the opening song - Open wide come inside. I'm sure my children, now in their 30s still remember Big Ted, Little Ted and Gemima as I do. What a wonderful show - now 50 years old. Amazing.

13 Jun 2016 5:54pm

Dear Play School,
My favourite window is the circle. My Favourite presenter is Justine. My favourite song is I Like Peace and I Like Quiet and I love Little Ted and Jemima.
From Eleanor

13 Jun 2016 5:49pm

Dear Play School, My favourite window is the circle. My favourite presenter is Jay Laga'aia. I love to sing, Upsy Down Town and I love big Ted.
From Xavier

Anthony Sullivan
30 Apr 2016 9:00am

Can't find any information about early Play School presenter Dianne Dorgan in regards to date of birth or whether she passed away.

@nma Rocket Clock used Janko Nilovic's Portrait d'un robot as its tune.

Portrait d'un robot was also used in a Sesame Street film.

Sesame Street had a segment which debuted in episode 2226 which featured the same music as used for the Play School Rocket Clock:

Sesame Street of course comes on before Play a School.

Loved Benita, John, Monica,George in the 90's and today love watching the likes of Zindzi, Eddie, Miranda,etc.

I still remember the Windows film about a glove factory.

Seventies Child
29 Apr 2016 9:58am

Dear Play School
Thanks for Noni and Naughty John, binoculars made from two toilet rolls and cellophane, roads of corrugated cardboard, and for bringing to life the Ning Nang Nong (where the cows go bong)! May you delight and inspire for many years to come!