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Old Masters: Australia's great bark artists

Caution: This website includes images and names of deceased people that may cause distress to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Thank you for your contributions. This guestbook is now closed. We welcomed feedback about Old Masters, while the exhibition was on show in Canberra from December 2013 to July 2014.

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David and Jackie Green
12 Jul 2014 1:43pm

Great exhibition. Would like to put a piece on the wall at home. Thank you Adam for our tickets, although we didn't need as was during NAIDOC week we have passed the tickets onto friends 

11 Jul 2014 2:12pm


11 Jul 2014 1:12pm

lovely display. 

11 Jul 2014 1:10pm

I really loved the layout of the paintings! 

Ryan and Danielle
11 Jul 2014 1:07pm

We loved the slideshow! 

11 Jul 2014 1:05pm


08 Jul 2014 12:01pm

A scintillating illustration of Indigenous culture. Absolutely breathtaking. I'm telling all my friends!! 

06 Jul 2014 3:19pm

The exhibition was very inspiring. Great technique and insight into their lives. Definitely worth the trip out. 

06 Jul 2014 3:10pm

I really think that the artworks are absolutely phenomenal they truly tell the life of aboriginals. I loved the animal paintings the most even though it isn't that great of illustrations they are the greatest in terms of creativity. I absolutely loved the whole Exhibition. 

05 Jul 2014 11:38am

Great museum - incredible exhibitions! 

30 Jun 2014 9:02pm

Fantastic exhibition. I really enjoyed the focused presentation and layout of the paintings. 

01 Jun 2014 10:58am

Superb! Thanks especially to Luke, Howard and Pip 

29 May 2014 9:56am

This exhibit is really awesome but I don't know what some of the paintings are of. 

12 Mar 2014 4:07pm

A wonderful exhibition thank you. The bark paintings are just stunning. Each one tells a story in its own way and all are very beautiful and captivating.