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Dick Nguleingulei Murrumurru
Dick Nguleingulei Murrumurru. Photographer unknown.

Bularlhdja clan, Dangbon and Kunwinjku languages
Yirridjdja moiety
about 1920–1988

Nguleingulei occasionally worked in a timber camp or as a crocodile shooter, but preferred to live in his homelands on the Liverpool River plateau. He was a magnificent draughtsman with acute powers of observation, as seen in his finely detailed drawings of animals that suggest volume and three-dimensionality.

In 1982 one of Nguleingulei’s paintings was reproduced on the 75-cent Australian stamp. His work has been selected for several major exhibitions, including: The Art of Aboriginal Australia, which toured North America in 1974–76; Kunwinjku Bim at the National Gallery of Victoria in 1984; The Art of the First Australians, Kobe, Japan, in 1986; Dreamings, New York, in 1988; and Keepers of the Secrets at the Art Gallery of Western Australia in 1990.

Paintings in the exhibition

Click on the images below to see a larger version and more information, including dimensions. Please note these images are not to scale.

  • Butchered Kangaroo
    Dick Nguleingulei Murrumurru, Butchered Kangaroo
  • Dead Man
    Dick Nguleingulei Murrumurru, Dead Man
  • Mimih Hunting
    Dick Nguleingulei Murrumurru, Mimih Hunting
  • Nawongberd and His Four Wives
    Dick Nguleingulei Murrumurru, Nawongberd and His Four Wives

All these bark paintings are part of the National Museum of Australia’s collection. © the artist or the artist’s estate, licensed by Aboriginal Artists Agency 2013, unless otherwise specified. These images must not be reproduced in any form without permission.


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