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Programs and events

Programs and events

Door to Store: Caring for your collection

Friday 18 January 2013

Members of our Registration team focused on a collection of diverse objects used by five generations from the historic Springfield property near Goulburn. They shared the challenges and rewards of bringing the collections to the Museum and making it part of the National Historical Collection.

audio_w15 Listen to the audio and read the transcript on the Springfield collection

Colour photograph showing the top portion of a dress, laid on a white table top. The dress is cream in colour, with a tasselled sash at the waist and a square neckline featuring silver embellishments.
Dress worn by Lady Alice Carruthers at Buckingham Palace in 1908. The composition of the dress was investigated using X-ray fluorescence. Photo: Vicki Humphrey.
Friday 11 January 2013

Our Conservation team demonstrated how to care for wedding dresses and photo albums and gave plenty of practical tips on looking after your own precious items.

audio_w15 Listen to the audio and read the transcript on caring for paper and textiles

Friday 16 November 2012
Our Conservation team held a practical demonstration on how to care for the special medals, trophies and silverware that you have at home. Our experts highlighted the tricks of looking after these objects, including cleaning and storing them in your home.

audio_w15 Listen to the audio and read the transcript on caring for your collection of medals and trophies

Friday 9 November 2012
Our Registration team discussed the Saw Doctor’s wagon and the documentation, photography, uplift and transport that was needed to make this spectacular object a part of our collection.

audio_w15 Listen to the audio and read the transcript of the program about the Saw Doctor's wagon

The Saw Doctor's wagon
The Saw Doctor's wagon, travelling home and workshop belonging to Harold Wright 1930s–60s. Photo: George Serras.

A night at the Museum

Friday 23 November 2012, 5-8pm

Experience the Museum after hours! Conservators will be on hand in Museum Workshop, catch spot talks from curators and get to know the ‘big objects’ on show in the Hall. Browse The Museum Shop, listen to live music, purchase drinks and snacks and enjoy the unique experience of mingling amongst grand-scale treasures from our collection.

Bookings: or phone (02) 6208 5021 (business hours)