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Landmarks multimedia

Landmarks multimedia

The Landmarks gallery includes audiovisual programs, touchscreen interactives, a large multitouch table, and a short animated film. You can explore some of the multimedia featured in the gallery via the links below.

Number 3 animation

A screenshot image of an animation

This short animated film tells the history of an inner city Brisbane house – 3 Lanham Street, Bowen Hills – during the late nineteenth and twentieth century, showing how it evolved over time and the families who called it their home during its 150 year history.

Watch the Number 3 animation

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Exploring the world at Port Macquarie

A screenshot image of the 'Exploring the World at Port Macquarie' multimedia interactive.

This interactive explores how three people – young artist, Annabella Innes, amateur astronomer, William MacDonnell, and agriculturalist, Thomas Dick – have investigated, recorded and responded to Port Macquarie's landscapes, plants, animals and people. From watercolour paintings of wild flowers, to star gazing, and investigating oyster culture, Port Macquarie has inspired scientific and historical inquiry for generations.

Launch the Port Macquarie interactive

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Flemington on Cup Day

A screenshot image of the 'Flemington on Cup day' multimedia interactive.

This interactive explores the workings and wonders of Flemington Racecourse on Melbourne Cup Day – hear about the five vowels of broadcasting from veteran race caller Greg Miles, find out what the 'monkey crouch' is, see how fashions have changed over the years, and check out some of the objects that are on display in the Flemington exhibit.

Launch the Flemington on Cup Day interactive

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Never Enough Grass multitouch table

A screenshot image of video featuring a multitouch interactive table.

Never Enough Grass is a feature rich multitouch interactive where visitors can navigate through an animated interface to explore a diverse range of content and stories from locations that have played a key part in the development and expansion of the Australian pastoral industry.

Filled with 3D animations and models, sheep breeding and cattle herding games, video overlays of iconic fauna, and a playable piano, the Never Enough Grass interactive offers visitors of all ages an informative and playful experience.

Play the Never Enough Grass video

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The Sunshine Harvester Works

Sunshine Harvester poster

An online version of the Sunshine Harvester Works interactive in the Landmarks gallery, which looks at the harvester, the factory in Sunshine and the workers' strike that took place in 1911.

View the Sunshine Harvester Works web feature

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