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Exhibition design

Exhibition design

The National Museum of Australia appointed Cunningham Martyn Design to design the gallery Landmarks: People and Places across Australia.

Cunningham Martyn Design is an Australian firm based in Melbourne. It has worked on other projects for the National Museum, including the Australian Journeys gallery which opened in January 2009.

Cunningham Martyn Design worked with staff from across the Museum – curators, conservators, registrars, educators and multimedia producers – throughout the design and development process.

3D visualisations from the concept design

Concept designs for the gallery were delivered in July 2009. This included draft floor plans, selected draft case layouts and a series of 3D visualisation of the space. Here's a preview of a some of the 3D visualisations.

3D visualisation from the concept design of the gallery, showing visitors moving among exhibits.
View from the mezzanine to the gallery below, including proposed positioning for the large mining excavator bucket and the Holden Prototype Car No. 1.
3D visualisation from the concept design showing visitors in a museum gallery.
View from the stairs back towards the gallery introductory area, including the proposed positioning for stock market boards on the outer wall.
3D visualisation from the concept design, showing a visitor looking at a large telescope.
View of the 'Spirit of Inquiry' module, including the proposed placement of WJ Macdonnell's telescope.
3D visualisation from the concept design showing visitors in a museum gallery, with a wooden mail coach in the foreground.
Segment of the ground floor gallery, including proposed placement of the Nowland's 1880s mail coach.