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Collection highlights

Collection highlights

Landmarks showcases more than 1500 objects from the National Museum's collection, and from public and private collections in Australia and across the globe. Click on the objects below to find out more.

Key collection objects and places

Detail showing handle of Governor Lachlan Macquarie's sword.

Colonial Foundations

Batman land deed detail.

Exploring the Country

Blaxland clock face detail.

Grazing the Grasslands

Detail from the Kenya Station windmill.

Gold and Government

Detail from Chinese princess costume.

Land of Opportunity

Sunshine streetscape detail.

Extending the Farmlands

Riverina district field detail.

Spirit of Inquiry

School of Tropical Medicine microscope.

Connecting the Nation

Detail showing tissue from Phar Lap's heart.

Expanding the Economy

Detail from Brisbane Stock Exchange boards.

Urban Life

Lanham Street Queenslander window detail.