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On set with 'Dash' the Australian Koolie

On set with 'Dash' the Australian Koolie

In October 2010 the Museum undertook a film shoot of a different kind – this time rather than interviewing people, or filming objects, we were filming Dash a friendly and very smart Australian Koolie herding dog. Dash is 12-months old and has been in training since she was about 6-weeks old. She travelled down from the New South Wales Central Coast with her trainer Louise, and spent a day with us on set in Sydney. She was very patient with our requests to stop, roll, look at the camera, and wander through the imaginary grass foraging for an imaginary bone all while moving along a straight line across the set (the chicken nibbles might have helped her along a bit!).

The footage was shot on a (very bright) green screen so it can be incorporated in to a large multitouch interactive about the expansion of the pastoral industry in Australia as part of the new Landmarks gallery. Dash is one of a series of surprises that visitors will come across as they're using the interactive.

All photography by Karina West unless otherwise stated.

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