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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Go behind the scenes and explore object conservation, installation and the preparation of multimedia material for the Landmarks gallery. Visit our Developing the gallery page for more.

Phar Lap's heart installation

Phar Lap's heart.

Phar Lap's heart is installed in its new home in the Flemington exhibit.

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Phar Lap's heart photography

Setting up for the photo shoot.

Phar Lap's heart gets a photo shoot!

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Governor Lachlan Macquarie's sword installation

Detail showing handle of Governor Lachlan Macquarie's sword.

National Museum conservators install a sword once owned by Governor Lachlan Macquarie.

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Giant Griffin puppets installation

Installing the giant Griffin puppets in the Landmarks gallery.

The giant Walter and Marion Griffin puppets are relocated to their new home in the Castlecrag exhibit.

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Circular saw blades installation

Circular saw blades installation

A set of saw blades from an early Queensland mill proved a challenge during their installation in the Landmarks gallery.

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Installing an artwork

Artists at work in the Landmarks gallery.

Artists install Fire and Roots 3, an artwork made from the gnarled roots of mallee eucalypt trees, into the Keith exhibit.

View a time-lapse video of the artists at work (MPEG 4 3.8mb) duration 31 seconds

Excavator bucket installation

A smaller forklift attached to the bucket cradle with two long steel poles.

The National Museum takes up the challenge involved in moving and installing a 15-tonne rock shovel bucket into the gallery.

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Excavator bucket arrival

A view of a large mining excavator bucket being lifted off a semi-trailer. The bucket hangs a few centimetres off the ground, with the back of it facing the camera. Beyond the bucket can be seen the large yellow crane that has lifted the bucket off the semi-trailer. In the left foreground of the image stand two men and a woman, with their backs to the camera. In the middle of the image two men can be seen preparing to place large pieces of timber under the bucket. In the right background can be seen part of what appears to be a large white industrial shed. At the far left of the image can be seen part of some other mining equipment which is on the semi-trailer. Part of the sky is visible beyond the activity in the foreground. A few clouds are visible in the far left background.

A 15-tonne bucket used at Rio Tinto Limited's Mt Tom Price iron ore mine arrives at the Museum's repository in preparation for display in the Landmarks gallery.

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Brisbane Stock Exchange board conservation

A photograph of a trading board with lists of stock prices and their codes, written in chalk.

The Museum's conservators give a selection of trading boards from the Brisbane Stock Exchange some special treatment.

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On set with 'Dash' the Australian Koolie

Dash gets familiar with the green screen set.

The Museum films Dash, a friendly and very smart Australian Koolie herding dog.

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Interviewing John Heath

Curator Leah Bartsch interviews John.

John Heath, a member of the Birpai community, is interviewed about the Thomas Dick collection of photographs from Port Macquarie.

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WJ Macdonnell telescope film shoot

The W J Macdonnell telescope film shoot.

The Museum undertakes a film shoot with astronomical engineer Hermann Wehner, who demonstrates how to set up an observing sessions on the 1883 telescope.

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Museum taxidermy gets a hairdo

Sheep taxidermy.

Conservator Cathy Collins gives the Museum's taxidermied merino special treatment.

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A 'cool burn' on the Gundary Plains

John Reynolds undertakes a 'cool burn'.

Museum curator George Main and photographer George Serras witness a 'cool burn' by the Gundary Rural Fire Brigade at the a travelling stock reserve near Goulburn.

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Blaxland clock conservation

Each wheel between the plates is checked for end play.

Specialist horological conservator Peter Bucke closely examines and documents the condition of the Blaxland clock.

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Chinese processional costume material analysis

Detail from Chinese princess costume.

Museum conservators investigate materials used in Chinese processional costume embroidery.

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Bullion box analysis

The locksmith inserts a blank key in order to gain an impression of the cut of the lock.

Who can resist the fascination of a long locked door? Not us. A locked mid-19th century bullion box presents a mystery for Museum staff.

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Removal of objects from the Nation gallery

Conservation staff moving Phar Lap's heart during deinstallation of the Nation gallery.

Museum staff and contractors remove all objects from display in the Nation gallery during February 2010.

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Ben Chifley's chair restored for display

The chair before conservation treatment showing damage to the seat, arm rests and sides.

A chair used by former prime minister Ben Chifley is treated by conservators to stabilise existing damage and restore its former appearance.

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Melbourne Cup jockey silks conservation

Conservator Carmela Mollica working on Makybe Diva jockey silks worn by Glen Boss.

National Museum textile conservators conduct treatments on two historic jockey silks in preparation for their display in the new Landmarks gallery.

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Kenya windmill conservation

A man extends both arms to turn a large circular section of windmill. Several sections of steel have been attached to the structure, but much of it remains bare.

A large windmill which stood on a Queensland station for more than 80 years is re-assembled in readiness for display in the Landmarks gallery.

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Preparing a saint's relics

Registration officer, Samantha Lillie, with the MacKillop objects.

Conservators prepare some of Mary MacKillop's former possessions for an exhibit in the Landmarks gallery.

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