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Personal stories, 21 June 2011

Personal stories, 21 June 2011

Tell us your story

Visitors to Not Just Ned: A true history of the Irish in Australia told their own Irish stories. Watch what they had to say.


My family couldn't decide where we should live.

What was the true story?

False shipping records to keep the family together.

Tragedy on arrival

A family's sad start to a new life.


Thomas Plunket was determined to start his new life as a equal.

Calloused hands

My great great grandmother's hard work often went unnoticed.

Exhibition discoveries

I discovered I have two family members in the Irish exhibition.

Irish heritage

Fond memories of my Irish grandmother and my Irish Catholic schooling.

Irish story - Irish heritage from National Museum of Australia on Vimeo.

Anna to Australia

I am one of two Annas from my family who came to Australia.

Proud to be Irish

My Australian wife also has Irish heritage.