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Forgotten Australians education kit cover

National Museum of Australia

Inside blogStories, images, poetry, artworks, memories, sound and video shared by people who were placed in institutions as children

Inside audio seriesDownload interviews and read transcripts of events associated with the Inside exhibition at the National Museum. Guests include Caroline Carroll, Bonney Djuric, Al Fletcher, Frank Golding, Christine Harms, Derek Moriarty, Joanna Penglase, Rachael Romero and Jack Thompson.

Forgotten Australians: What can they tell us about Australian society in the 20th century? education kit
A unit of work developed by the National Museum for year 10-12 students

Kinchela Boys Home gate collection highlight

National Library of Australia

National Library of Australia oral histories
The National Library has recorded and digitised more than 100 interviews with Forgotten Australians and others associated with 'care' institutions

Trove search results
Newspaper reports documenting children's homes and orphanage mentions in digitised Australian newspapers before 1953

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