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Inside Children's Homes forum

WARNING: This exhibition contains confronting and disturbing stories and images, and names and images of deceased people. It may not be suitable for children under 15 years.

Inside Children's Homes forum

Tuesday 14 February 2012
9.30am – midday

Join Dr Joanna Penglase, author of Orphans of the Living and co-founder of Care Leavers Australia Network (CLAN), as she discusses her research into the history of the Forgotten Australians and looks at where we are today. This will be followed by a panel featuring Frank Golding, Boney Djuric, Derek Moriarty and Caroline Carroll, discussing life since the National Apology to the Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants.

Audio and transcript of the forum are now available as part of the Inside series.


Joanna Penglase

Joanna Penglase is the co-founder of CLAN (Care Leavers Australia Network), the author of Orphans of the Living: Growing Up In 'Care' in Twentieth-Century Australia, and a contributor to the recently published Surviving Care: Achieving Justice and Healing for the Forgotten Australians. Joanna, who grew up in a Children's Home in Sydney, previously had a long career in documentary television. She currently works as an editor, writer and researcher, as well as conducting interviews for the National Library's Forgotten Australians oral history project.

Frank Golding

Frank Golding has been an activist for Care Leaver rights since the 1990s and an active member of CLAN since its inception. As a child Frank was a Victorian ward of the State and was placed with three foster mothers and in three institutions. A teacher, school principal and academic, Frank had a late second career as a researcher and writer. His last book was An Orphan's Escape: Memories of a Lost Childhood which explores life in Homes and raises the issues of access to childhood records and cross-generational institutionalisation.

Bonney Djuric

Bonney Djuric is the founder of Parragirls – a contact register and support network for NSW Care Leavers. As a child she was placed in three foster homes and two institutions. Bonney has a strong interest in ensuring that institutional sites for confinement of women and children are preserved as part of Australia's heritage. She is a teacher and artist and has recently published her second book Abandon all Hope: A History of Parramatta Girls Industrial School. In 2011 she received the National Volunteer Award for her work on behalf of Forgotten Australians and in raising awareness about the history and heritage of institutional sites of confinement.

Derek Moriarty

Derek Moriarty is the current President of The Old Fairbridgians Association, Molong, and has been a committee member of this organisation for thirty years. Current activities include working towards the 2012 reunion to be held in Orange and developing a Remembrance Drive on the Mitchell Highway between The Farm School and the town of Molong.

Caroline Carroll

Caroline Carroll is Records and Reunions Coordinator at Open Place, the Victorian service for Forgotten Australians. Caroline is herself a survivor of abuse in many institutional and foster care placements during her childhood. She was separated as an infant (15 months) from her family (including her seven siblings). Caroline is the Chair of the national peak body, the Alliance for Forgotten Australians (AFA).

Caroline has made a number of presentations at conferences and sits on a number of reference groups for National projects that the Australian government is currently undertaking: National History Projects, Find and Connect and Aged Care Education.