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Hidden in Plain View: The Forgotten Flora

Hidden in Plain View: The Forgotten Flora was on show at the National Museum of Australia from 13 March to 9  June 2008 in the Nation Focus Gallery.

Watercolour artwork of tangerine fungi
Cortinarius 'tangerine'. Katrina Syme. Watercolour on paper, 2002. State Botanical Collection.

What do fungi and stonewash jeans have in common?
What has a moss got to do with the Tyrolean icemen?
How can lichens help us tell the age of a rock?

The answers to these questions were found in this remarkable touring exhibition – Hidden in Plain View: The Forgotten Flora – from the National Herbarium of Victoria, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne.

The exhibition highlighted the incredible diversity of form and colour of fungi, lichens, mosses and liverworts, and some of the extraordinary people who work with them.

Through botanical illustrations and specimens, historical and contemporary writing, as well as artefacts, this exhibition revealed the fascinating world of forgotten flora.

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Supported by Visions of Australia, an Australian Government Program supporting touring exhibitions by providing funding assistance for the development and touring of cultural material across Australia.


Sponsors of the Hidden in Plain View exhibition: Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, The William Buckland Foundation, Museums Australia Victoria, Arts Victoria, Gordon Darling Foundation