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Bachelor's buttons biscuits

Bachelor's buttons biscuits

by Noellen Newton

I chose this recipe because of the appealing name – and the biscuits really are as cute as a button! Bachelor's Buttons are not too sweet, are crunchy on the outside, and they are just the right size for a lunchbox treat.

The original recipe has some measurements in ounces so I converted these into cups and grams: five ounces equals one and a quarter cups and three ounces equals 90 grams.

I used one 60g egg and I needed a small amount of caster sugar to roll the uncooked biscuits in before placing them on greased trays. I cooked the biscuits at 180 degrees in a fan-forced oven for 15 to 18 minutes.

By the time I cleaned the kitchen the biscuits were ready to take out of the oven.

This mixture makes about 24 small biscuits and it is best to cool them on the tray.

I wonder if these biscuits should be cooked by a bachelor, or made by an admirer for the bachelor? What do you think?

A printed recipe for 'Bachelor's Buttons'.

Bachelor's Buttons biscuit recipe

Ingredients. 5oz. flour, 3oz. soft sugar, half a teaspoonful baking powder, 3oz. butter, 1 egg.

Mode. Mix butter, sugar, flour and powder well together. Add egg, well beaten. Make into small biscuits. Roll in sugar and bake in a quick oven.

Source: Home Cookery for Australia: All Tested Recipes, 1913, Arbuckle, Waddell & Fawckner, Melbourne, p139.

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07 Sep 2013 12:12pm

These delicious biscuits are now a firm favourite in our home. Thank you for sharing this recipe. 

Noellen - Mixing Bowl
09 Sep 2013 11:17am

It's wonderful to hear that this recipe has been a success in your home. These biscuits are certainly a yummy treat! 

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