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Unresolved histories

The exhibition

Unresolved histories

The stories surrounding some of the early Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander objects from the British Museum's collections are not always easy ones to tell or hear. They show that there is no single narrative that describes Australia's colonial past. Relations on the frontier were complex. There was often violence, or the threat of violence. But there was also trade and negotiation, which crossed the divide between black and white.

These objects and stories are part of who we are ... they have a life and they have a history.

June Oscar, Bunuba Elder, 2013

Glass spear point
Glass spear point, unknown maker
West Kimberley, Western Australia, 1890s
Taken by WA Police from Aboriginal camps in the West Kimberley, donated to the British Museum by CH Ord in 1899.
Oc1899,-.466, British Museum catalogue entry
Image courtesy British Museum