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Supporting the Encounters project


Caution: This website includes images and names of deceased people that may cause distress to
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Supporting the Encounters project

An engraved boab nut.
‘Whiteman’s Justice’, engraved boab nut by Jack Wherra, 1963-66, Mowanjum, West Kimberley, Western Australia. National Museum of Australia. 2003.0057.0001. Collection record for boab nut

Discussion and debate

Encounters is generating a rich program of discussions and debates about the nature of Australia’s colonial history in different parts of the continent.

It is also generating discussion about the stewardship role of museums in holding Indigenous materials linked to these histories.

Encounters has the capacity to influence public discourse about these fundamental issues, and we look forward to all Australians participating in this project.

Support us

There are plenty of ways you can be a part of the Encounters project. Right now you can help by contributing to the National Museum Fund to support the Encounters Indigenous Scholarship program or by joining our Museum Friends.

Look out for news and updates on the Encounters website. You can also email us at