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Transcript - growing up with the collection

Transcript - growing up with the collection

Museum: Your parents tell me you helped to start all of this with your doll collection. What's your story?

Julie: Well I started collecting dolls and just went from there.

Museum: How old were you when you got your first collectable doll?

Julie: I was working, probably 18, when I got my first real collectable doll. Before that I loved dolls as a child. Then I started working and started to buy more expensive ones.

Museum: Do you still have a collection at home?

Julie: Only a small one. I spend my money on holidays now.

Museum: What do you think of your parents' collection?

Julie: Oh, it's good. Yeah. It gives them something to do.

Museum: And the grandkids?

Julie: They love it. They've grown up with it. They were tiny babies who've grown up with it, they've never known any different.

Museum: Do you think it's given them more of a sense of history?

Julie: Probably, yeah. They're sort of, you know, probably like me, appreciate it and if they see something they'll tell Nan and Pop.

Museum: Are you always on the lookout for them?

Julie: I'm always on the lookout, yeah. Everywhere. I'll be driving past a farm or if my husband and I go to a clearance sale we end up buying them things.

Museum: Is there anything that you'd really like to get in to collecting?

Julie: I'm probably a bit like them, I've got all bits and pieces. I've always liked old houses and old furniture.

Museum: What is it about it them that you like?

Julie: I don't know. Just new houses and new things have never done anything for me. Some people hate old, just like new, but I like the older style.