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Transcript - collecting buddies

Transcript - collecting buddies

Museum: How would you describe Brian?

Marty: He's a character, in the way he talks and the way he looks. He's just a nice bloke. His whole family are good; his wife, the kids, they're all good.

Museum: And Brian doesn't mind sharing a bit of knowledge?

Marty: No, not at all. He's willing to let everyone come and have a look: whoever wants to have a look at his collection and whenever they want to look at it.

Museum: When did you start your collection?

Marty: We started off collecting scales because my grandfather had a set of old Avery Platform Scales down at his workplace. I seen a set at a clearance sale and I bought that set and I've been going ever since.

Museum: How many years ago was that?

Marty: Ah, that would have been about five, six years ago.

Museum: What was it about the scales that captured your attention?

Marty: I used to play with them all the time. I used to go down to my grandfather's work and they stuck in the back of me mind, and it started from there.

Museum: How have you evolved as a collector?

Marty: Well, my wife and myself liked electric jugs and she started collecting electric jugs and then I started to get into the small stuff: the fly pumps and sprays and tins, and it just kept going.

Museum: Where do you keep your collection?

Marty: Ah, inside and outside.

Museum: Would you like to have a shed like Brian's?

Marty: Oh, I'd love to. I'd love to have a shed like this. If you put it into apprentice years, compared to him, I'd be a first year apprentice and I've got a long way to go. A very, very long way to go.