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Transcript - Barbara and the collection

Transcript - Barbara and the collection

Museum: How do you describe your collection?

Barbara: We collect anything and everything, right down to an old shoelace, and we certainly have one of those.

Museum: And what drives you? What's your passion?

Barbara: Well it's just nice to be able to walk around and look at it and, you know, appreciate it.

Museum: Did you collect anything as a girl or were your parents collectors?

Barbara: No.

Museum: Do you ever regret what you didn't keep?

Barbara: Yes, all the time.

Museum: What sort of things?

Barbara: Well when you look at the toys you think, oh, I wished I had kept that, I wish I had kept that, but we've got nothing.

Museum: Do you get rid of any stuff now?

Barbara: No.

Museum: How much work is it looking after the collection you and Brian have now?

Barbara: Well it virtually looks after itself; we don't have to do anything. Just give it a dust up occasionally and no we don't have to do anything to it at all.

Museum: How has the collection grown?

Barbara: Well it started in the Julie's bedroom and then the lounge room. Bit by bit the lounge chairs disappeared and now there's only two small chairs in there.

Museum: How far will you go to add something to your collection?

Barbara: We've been as far as Bothwell down in Tassie. If a good sale comes up, we'll do it. Often the sales will read good then you'll get there and everything's all bombed out or broken.

Museum: Do you think you're as eccentric and passionate as Brian?

Barbara: Yes.

Brian: Probably even more so in some cases.

Museum: Do you think that's the key to a successful marriage? Could you go along with him if you didn't have this passion?

Barbara: No, I think we'd be divorced. Or he'd be out in the backyard somewhere.

Museum: He'd probably be happy living in that shed.

Barbara: He would. Yes, he would!