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Brian and his collection

Brian and his collection

Brian Lynch in his 'hobby room'
Brian's 'hobby room'. Photo: Dragi Markovic.

Brian Lynch was born and bred in Wagga. The newspaper delivery driver and his wife Barbara have two children, three grandchildren and a part-time grand-dog.

Brian and Barbara started collecting when they moved house more than two decades ago. Their collection is now numbered in the thousands.

The Lynchs collect as much for others as they do for themselves. It is the personal reactions to their extensive collection that inspire them to share it with family and friends.

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Part of the 'hobby room' in Brian and Barbara's home
Part of the 'hobby room'. Photo: Dragi Markovic.

Brian and Barbara cannot put an exact figure on their collection but it extends well into the thousands.

They moved house 25 years ago because they wanted more room for their children, but the kids left home soon after and that is when the collecting really began.

It started in daughter Julie's bedroom with her antique dolls. It spread to the lounge room and the garage. Every room is home to a different story, from the local merchandising memorabilia in the lounge room to the demijohns in the toilet.

Brian and Barbara had a special room dug out under their house but it was soon full too. In 1987 their new 'hobby room' was built in the back yard. It is home now to old cabinets and counters, with a re-created grocery store and old enamel advertising signs.

Brian's collecting has been informed by his passion for protecting seemingly everyday items.

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