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Cover of Captivating and Curious catalogue

How do you describe the National Museum of Australia's collection? Objects range from an anchor discarded by Matthew Flinders in 1803 to Holden prototype no. 1; from a giant kewpie doll who featured in the 2000 Olympics closing ceremony to the largest collection of bark paintings in the world. Some objects reflect important moments in Australian history; others tell stories of everyday events and forgotten lives.

Captivating and Curious introduces some of the most significant and diverse objects from the National Historical Collection. Taken together, they offer a journey through Australia's history that is as unique and idiosyncratic as the nation itself.

Captivating and Curious: Celebrating the Collection of the National Museum of Australia
ISBN 1 876944 37 4
pb, 128 pp, 300 x 240 mm, colour
RRP A$29.95

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