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Behind the Lines: The Year's Best Cartoons 2009

Behind the Lines: The Year's Best Cartoons is a celebration of the best Australian political cartoons and illustrations collected by the National Museum of Australia in 2009.

A bright pink background with the words 'BEHIND THE LINES' in both blue and white font in large capital letters. Underneath this are the words 'The year's best cartoons 2009' in smaller green font. And image below depicts Malcolm Turnbull, looking resigned and wearing a pin-striped business suit, sits at the wheel of a car, as a gleeful Wilson Tuckey reclines in the back seat. Tuckey's left leg is extended forward to move the car's gears into place.
Cover illustration by Andrew Weldon.

Relive the major events of the year, including the global financial crisis, Kevin Rudd's stimulus packages, the alcopops tax debacle, bushfires, floods and the performance of our political leaders.

Witty, wise and often challenging, the cartoons presented in Behind the Lines are always a captivating reflection on the past 12 months of Australian politics.

ISBN 9781876944773
Paperback, 112 pages, 170mm x 170mm
Published November 2009
RRP $14.95

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