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Program of events

Program of events

In the trenches

Sunday 7 December 2008, 2–3.30pm

Journalists Genevieve Jacobs 666 ABC Canberra, James Massola The Canberra Times, Mark Riley Channel 7, and cartoonist David Pope thrashed out the year that was in Australian politics in 2008 with the Museum's Director of Public Affairs Dennis Grant, in association with the Behind the Lines exhibition.

Animated conversation with Geoff Pryor

John Howard is slumped in a large lounge chair, toward the right of the image. He is unshaven and untidily dressed in shirt and shorts. He is barefoot. To the left of the image is Jeanette Howard, with a vacuum cleaner. She wears a dark skirt, plain top and slippers. She is nudging John's right foot with the vacuum cleaner head and saying 'Move!'
Move!. Geoff Pryor.

Saturday 13 December 2008, 2–3 pm

Join Michael McKernan in celebrating the life and work of much admired political cartoonist and local icon Geoff Pryor, who retired this year after three decades with The Canberra Times.

audio_w15 Listen to the audio of the conversation with Geoff Pryor - transcript also available

Cartooning the news

Sunday 11 January 2009, 10am-2pm

Learn how to turn a news item into a satirical drawing at cartoonist Pat Campbell's adult workshop. Bring your own lunch.

Rudd, glorious Rudd!

Sunday 18 and 25 January 2009

After years of satirising Howard and Co., satirical duo Shortis and Simpson sharpened their lyrical and musical wit to take aim at the new kids on the block.