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Hostesses and attendants

Hostesses and attendants

The 28 young Australians who welcomed visitors to the Australian pavilion were known as hostesses and attendants. They were among more than 40 official Australian participants in Expo 67 Montreal.

Some of these staff attended the official launch of the Expo 67 Montreal display at the National Museum of Australia in September 2007.

Ian Robson points out key features of a relief model of Canberra for two expo visitors
Australian attendant Ian Robson of Tasmania explains a model of Canberra to Canadian visitors. Photo: National Archives of Australia, AA1982/206, 32.

Australian participants in Expo 67 Montreal

Commissioner General: Air Marshall Sir Valston Eldridge Hancock, KBE, CB, DFC

Deputy Commissioner General: William Worth

Assistant Commissioner General: FR Gullick, OBE

Executive Officer: Thomas J McMahon

Public Relations Officer: George Farwell

Assistant Executive Officer: John B Cummings

Office Manager: George L Lawrence

Personnel Officer: Murray Dwyer

Press Officer: John Loughlin

Deputy Public Relations Officer: John A Bray

Sound Engineer: William A Wells

Security Officer: Inspector JL Connolly

Caterer/Chef: Anton Surwald

Trade Commission: Bob Holberton, Peter Lorschy

Special Day Convener: Jack Neary OBE

Pavilion Architect: James C Maccormick in association with John B and John C Parkin, Montreal

Exhibits Architect: Robin Boyd, Romberg and Boyd, Melbourne

Acting Secretary, Prime Minister's Department: Sir Peter James Lawler

Police Force:
Bob Donaldson
Denis Groves
Bob Henfry
Mal Lane
John McDonnell
Ken Reece
Jim Underhill
Tony Woodcock

Hostess Supervisor: Rosemary Fenton

Ann Aczel
Annette Crothers
Meg Fraser
Hedy Glesinger
Carolyn Hannaford
Lynne Harper
Barbara Hudson
Sally Johnston
Jenny Knight
Lesley Lillyman
Sandy Lucas
Kate Maisey
Ros Roberts
Fiona Spence
Kay Swinney
Susanne Wallace
Helen Ward
Renata Werner
Kay Williams
Janet Young
Virginia Young

Richard Dundas
Hank Ekamper
Ed Haysom
Peter Joseph
Ted Moore
Ian Robson
Jack Thomas

Travel: Robin Harrison

Australian Tourist Commission: Sue Alexander

David Jones Boutique:
Marilyn Armstrong
Jan Daly
Susie Glesinger
Jennifer Hedge
Ian Howard
Jeannie Lyall
Jim Meagher
Graham Potts
Steffen Rath
Peter Reedman
Jean Tilney

Royal Australian Navy:
Judy Atkinson
Helen Kiely

Trade: John Scott

Executive Chauffeur: Alan Fredricks

Animal Caretakers:
Trevor Bettles
Graham Bray

Sheep Overseer: James McGeoch