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Australia at Expo 67 Montreal

The National Museum's Australia at Expo 67 Montreal display was on show in Canberra in September and October 2007.

Australian pavilion hostess Hedy Glesinger sitting on a talking chair.
Hostess Hedy Glesinger on a talking chair in the distinctive Australian pavilion at Expo 67 Montreal. Photo: National Archives of Australia, AA1982/206 29.

In 1967 Canada's Montreal welcomed more than 50 million visitors to Expo 67 over a period of six months. Taking the theme 'Man and his World', the international exhibition featured displays from more than 70 countries, including Australia.

Australia's Expo 67 Montreal theme was the 'Spirit of Adventure'. The glass-walled Australian pavilion, developed by the Australian Government covered 30,000 square feet (2700 square metres). Visitors could marvel at models of Canberra, the Parkes radio telescope and the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme and a display of Australia's new decimal currency.

A group of 28 carefully selected young Australians welcomed 20 million visitors to their nation's pavilion. The Australian pavilion was designed as a 'haven' of 'space and tranquillity' floating above a bushland setting. Inside, innovative sound chairs offered 'foot-weary Expo visitors' the chance to hear the voices of famous Australians. Outside, a model Great Barrier Reef was re-created in a lagoon and visitors could see wallabies and kangaroos.

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