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Composite image showing video conference equipment, a robot and a woman in front of a table with archival boxes

Without your body...

Can't make it to the Museum? Not to worry, you don't need to come to Canberra to interact with our collections, our staff and other visitors – your mind and spirit are welcome in your body's absence.

Remote telepresence robots

With our award-winning mobile telepresence robots you can come for a digital visit extraordinaire. It's an interactive guided tour with a museum educator where you are the robot, looking through the high-definition panoramic camera that is its head.

Video conference programs

We also run more 'traditional' video conference programs for school groups and – through our Door to Store program – for adult groups interested in seeing and talking about what goes on behind the scenes at the museum.

Other ways to join in from afar

From September 2013 to September 2014 we are paired up with ABC Open for Object Stories, a project to share our object stories with you and to encourage you to share yours with us. What's your story?

We have a blog! You can peruse our posts, subscribe to be notified of every post, or use it to contact us.

A work-in-progress is an overhaul to the face of our online collections database, which is (so far, still) called Collections Search. We want to make it inviting even if you don't know what you're looking for – and far easier to stumble on items of interest. Watch that space, or send us your feedback.

We are also active members of Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter and love to hear from you.

O, and we recently let one of our mobile telepresence robots, Kasparov, onto Twitter. He tweets random links to collection items, and occasionally comments on things robotic or not.