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The Museum Game

Make the connection

Children leaning over a museum exhibit. One of them has an iPad tucked under her arm.
Year 6 students investigate an exhibit during their game

Why do we collect objects? What are museums for? And who gets to say? 

Our unique iPad app, The Museum Game, challenges you to make connections between objects on display. The more interesting your connections, the higher you score and the more of the board you colonise.

In this program teams of students think creatively about historical sources, and learn collaboratively, by finding surprising connections between disparate objects on display. After the game, your images and ideas are (usually) published online for further discussion in the classroom. PLEASE NOTE – these images include each team's photograph, often of themselves.


Year levels5–12
Group size40 students
Duration1 hour
Cost$5 per student
AvailabilityTuesday–Friday, hourly, 9am–4pm
In 2017, Tuesday–Friday, 9am, 10am, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm
Curriculum linksAustralian History curriculum links to our programs(225kb PDF)


  • to inspire students to explore historical sources at the museum
  • to provide students with the opportunity to work collaboratively and use ICT in their meaning-making
  • to practise critical and creative thinking through game-based learning


  1. Introduction – students are issued with a device and participate in a short tutorial that introduces them to the concept of resemblance and how to play the iPad game.
  2. Gallery activity – students play the game in teams over three rounds. A game takes about an hour to play. Students are actively engaged in looking at objects from different perspectives, and imagining ways to connect them to each other.
  3. Reflection – at the end of the game, students gather to discuss which analysis and interpretation of sources was most interesting, and how presentation affects meaning.

Planning your visit

To ensure you get the most out of The Museum Game, look through these curriculum links. The more you prepare your students, the more their game play will serve curriculum outcomes.

Find out everything else you need to know about visiting.
Or go directly to request a booking.

After your visit

Back at school, you can access your game content – photographs, text relationships, ratings, team photographs and so on – on this website.

How you use the content will depend on which part of the curriculum you're using, but we include some ideas on the curriculum links page for The Museum Game.