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Talking Points

Buffalo catcher, diprotodon, Frank Hurley and more

Why is there a buffalo catcher in the National Museum of Australia?

What is a diprotodon?

And who is Frank Hurley?

In Talking Points, students are introduced to some of the highlights of the Museum's galleries in a one-hour guided tour.

Students then investigate the Museum further under the supervision of their teachers.


Year levels 3–12
Group size 40 students – divided into groups of 10
Duration 1 hour facilitated, plus 45–60 minutes for teacher-guided exploration
Cost $5 per student
Availability In 2016, Tuesday–Friday, hourly, 9am–3pm
In 2017, Tuesday–Friday, hourly, 10am–3pm
Curriculum links
Australian History curriculum links to our programs (225kb PDF)


Introduce students to the Museum's main themes of land, nation and people through a tour of the National Museum of Australia's galleries.


  1. Introduction – students are met in the Main Hall by education volunteers and divided into a maximum of four groups.
  2. Museum tour – students are then guided through the Museum by an education volunteer, stopping to discuss several key objects and stories in the galleries.
  3. Museum exploration – all four groups meet at a previously arranged point in the Museum and are encouraged to explore the Museum further to build on the experience of the tour. This part of the program is supervised by the school's own staff.

This program needs to adhere to a tight schedule. Please assist by having your students divided into four groups before your visit. Each group will be given a different coloured lanyard and will follow a separate route through the Museum.

Exploring the Museum

For everything you need to know about visiting, see Plan and book a visit.

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