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Two school girls standing in front of a touchscreen
Photo: Jason McCarthy.

Blast to the past

Students build their own time-travelling robot and blast off to explore one of eight mystery scenes from Australia's past.

Visit the Victorian goldfields of 1854 or far north Queensland in 1770 when Captain James Cook's ship, the Endeavour, struck the Great Barrier Reef.

Kspace uses gameplay to encourage students to work together to complete a mission unique to each scene.

Program details

Year levelsP–6
Group size12–60 students
Duration30–70 minutes, depending on group size
Cost$3 per student

Kspace is open to school groups Monday to Friday during ACT term time:

  • morning sessions at 9am and 10.30am
  • afternoon sessions at 2pm and 3.30pm
Scenes available

Prehistoric Australia, 110 million years ago

Lake Mungo, 45,000 years ago

Endeavour River, 1770

Victorian goldfields, 1854

Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1930

Royal Adelaide Show, 1968

Franklin River, 1983

The Kimberley, 1990

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  • Provide students with a creative, fun and interactive way of experiencing key moments in Australian history.
  • Help students understand continuity and change.
  • Encourage team work and collaboration.
  • Give students an opportunity to explore the collection of the National Museum of Australia.


  1. Robot Design Stations – students start their adventure using touchscreens to create a time-travelling robot.
  2. Time Pods – students blast back to a virtual scene in Australia’s past. Using their robots to explore and collect points individually, they also team up as one big robot to complete a mission.
  3. Cool-down – students reflect on the experience and learn more about the themes and ideas explored in their scene. They can also send home a postcard.

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Plan your Kspace visit

Kspace curriculum links
Kspace has been developed to meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum. A substantial range of online teacher resources and student activities can be used in the classroom to help prepare for, or reflect on, your visit.

Exploring the Museum

For everything you need to know about visiting, see Plan and book a visit.