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After your visit


Resources and reflections

Your photographs at the Museum

In several of our programs, students take digital photos of an object as a way of focusing their thinking about history. We then publish the images for you to retrieve and use in follow-up activities.

We keep your images online for several months, so you have plenty of time to extract them. You can also download our extra images from the set below.

Note that if an image includes an identifiable child/student, we will not publish it. If you spot an issue with any image we have included here, or if you have any trouble downloading images, please contact us.

Find your photos

Extra images

A sample appears here. Refresh the page to see a new sample – or view all extra images.

Follow-up activities

Below are some ideas for classroom activities, some of which might draw on your photographic exploits. They are arranged into activities related to:

These activities were devised for students in Years 5 to 12 but could be adapted for younger children.

Be in touch!

We're always happy to hear of your experience at the Museum, so if you have any comments or queries – or especially, if you make something Museum-inspired with your photographs – please let us know.