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On-site school programs


Facilitated programs

Every object tells a story; and our dynamic, curriculum-linked programs bring these stories to life. Below is an overview of each program – follow the links to find out more or request a booking.

You can also download an overview of our pdf education programs for 2016 (PDF 61kb), including year-levels, cost, duration and available times; and a list of Australian History pdf curriculum links to our programs (PDF 225kb).

Title Year level Duration Cost
Then and Now P–4 1.5 hours $6
1–6 30–70 mins
Canberra's History: Site Study 3–6 1.5 hours $6
Australia's Migration Stories 5–12 2 hours $6
Our Australian Environment 5–12 2 hours $6
Making a Nation 5–12 2 hours $6
Meet the People 5–12 1 hour $4
Indigenous culture and history focus
Aboriginal Australia P–4 1.5 hours $6
Early Contact 3–6 1.5 hours $6
A Living Culture 5–12 2 hours $6
Indigenous Rights and Freedoms 9–12 2 hours $6
Collecting is Fun P–1 1.5 hours $6
Talking Points P–12 1 hour $5
Investigating Sources 5–12 2 hours $6
The Museum Game 5–12 1 hour $5
Museums and History 11–12 2 hours $6

Teacher-guided visits

You and your students are also welcome to explore the Museum independently. Teacher-guided visits are free and bookings are essential – plan and book a visit.

Risk management

Here's our page on risk management.