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Basedow expedition photographs

These activities complement the travelling exhibition A Different Time: The Expedition Photographs of Herbert Basedow 1903-1928.
Young Indigenous man on a raft
Worora youth on a mangrove tree raft (or 'kaloa'), George Water, Western Australia, 1916

During his dozen major expeditions and several smaller excursions into central and northern Australia, Basedow took photographs that related to a range of topics such as anthropology, geology, science, exploration and medicine. These photographs documented some of Australia's Aboriginal people in detail and provided a rare insight into their way of life. Herbert Basedow also gained knowledge of the land and its features; this knowledge was shared with Australians keen to learn more of the interior of the country.

Activities listed below are designed as starting points for students to investigate different themes in the exhibition, from a variety of viewpoints and perspectives. The activities cater for a range of learning styles and relate to several main curriculum areas.