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Journey of the Hong Hai – Flash interactive

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Hong Hai (1.5mb) (requires Flash)
Ever wondered what it's like to be a refugee? Recreate the journey of the Hong Hai - the first case of refugee 'boat people' landing on Australia's shores.
For 8-12 year olds.


By visiting a selection of stopping points on the 52-day journey of the Hong Hai, you recreate the dramatic and extraordinary journey of this Vietnamese fishing vessel. The actual journey occurred in 1978 and was the first case of refugee 'boat people' landing on Australia's shores.

At each stopping point you find different objects that were retrieved from the Hong Hai after its arrival in Australia. These objects include a wooden Ba Cau shrine, a Rado watch used for navigation, a guitar, playing cards and the captain's binoculars.

Collect the items you see at the stopping points to create your own exhibit about this landmark refugee experience. Add your own captions to objects and order them according to one of two themes: Danger and hardship or Courage, determination and hope.

Interacting with the objects will help you gain insight into the culture, beliefs and experiences of the refugee passengers.

Objects from the Museum's collection used in the interactive include the original Hong Hai fishing vessel, the Ba Cau Shrine and some Russian binoculars.