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Computer-generated image of two children driving a futuristic vehicle.

A new Kspace experience coming in 2015

Museum Trailblazer

Kspace is currently closed to allow us to start building our new on-site interactive digital experience for children and families.

Please note that the Kspace trial period will not start until 20 July. Check our website for details closer to this date.

We know the original Kspace was a much-loved experience for visitors, but we have a feeling that the new Kspace will be worth the wait!

There's still lots to see and do at the Museum during this time. Check out our new Museum Trailblazer – a self-guided tour designed just for kids!

Learn more about some of the other fun, engaging and creative activities for families and children.

Robot time machines

The new Kspace experience will involve visitors building their own robot to travel back in time to a mystery place in Australia’s history. Visitors will receive a mission, unique to the time and place where they have been transported. They will need to work together with team-mates to complete their mission before time runs out and they are transported back to the Museum.

Why change?

The original Kspace was a very popular attraction for our young visitors. It had a long life, having been here since the Museum opened its doors in 2001. However, with age it became increasingly difficult to maintain, so it was time for re-imagination and renewal. The original Kspace closed on 26 June 2014.

We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to redevelop Kspace so that it uses current and emerging technology, and allows us to more closely relate the experience to the themes and content of the Museum.

We're also excited by the reactions of children to early versions of the new Kspace game!

Follow our progress

We’ll have a lot more to say about Kspace over the coming months. The best way to keep up is to follow the Kspace posts on our blog.