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The Museum Game

An in-gallery adventure game of resemblance

Come for a group adventure in the Landmarks Gallery – bring a group to play The Museum Game.

It's about exploring the world by making connections between objects on display. Be surprising; take a creative leap. Most importantly, be interesting to your competitors – that's how you win a place on the board.

We offer the Museum Game as a program for school groups and for adults – so far only selectively, for professional development groups, via venue hire and as part of Night at the Museum.

How it works

Your mission is to think about an object’s attributes – composition, shape, colour, use, provenance, whatever! – and find a way in which it resembles another object on display at the Museum.

Your challenge is to be interesting – each move you make is rated on a sliding scale of 'interestingness'.

Gameboard showing a timer, leaderboard, hints and a kind of network diagram where some of the nodes are filled with images

After the game, all your data – images, descriptions, relationships and ratings – will be available to you. So you can reflect on the ideas your group created and extend the thinking beyond the Museum.

Want to play? (Hint: yes!)

School groups

Find out more about the program for schools – its aims, structure and curriculum links, or proceed directly to request a school group booking.

Find out more

If you fancy some background reading, you can catch up on The Museum Game by reading the game-related posts on our Engage and Learn blog.