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School holiday program: Discovery Space

Drop in to our Discovery Space program during the school holidays. Have fun creating your own take-home piece inspired by our exhibitions, or join in our group activities.

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Discovery Space: Continuing culture

Indigenous Australians have the world’s longest continuing culture. For thousands of years they have expressed their cultural identity through art and material objects.

Drop in and engage in art and craft activities inspired by some of the objects in the Museum’s Encounters exhibition.

5–24 January 2016
Drop-in self-facilitated craft activities and string games. FREE
Wearable art kits $3, FREE for children on Museum Friends Full Membership
Available from the Information Desk (limited numbers)
Main Hall

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Past programs

Native or Feral?

Children learned about native and introduced species in Australia during the Spring 2015 Discovery Space. Almost 600 handcrafted animals were added to our Fenced Feral installation, inspired by the Jenny Pollack rabbit sculpture in our collection. Cane toads, camels, cats, foxes, pigs, carp and rabbits crafted from modelling clay were placed behind our specially built rabbit-proof fence, with the help of artists Amanda Stuart and Hanna Hoyne.

Installation timelapse


During the program, kids also made thylacine masks, imagining what it might be like if they were still roaming Australia. They also gave some thought to their favourite Australian native animals. See the children's responses to Native or Feral?



Discovery Space photos on Flickr

Fun at home activity

Make a thylacine mask

Robots and time machines

A digital image of a robot.

In the July 2015 Discovery Space program, children were able to get ready for the reopening of Kspace by making a time machine or robot.

Kids were also able to take part in a robotics workshop with the amazing Robogals from the Australian National University.

You can make your own robot at home.


Discovery Space photos on Flickr

Robogals Canberra


In the Winter 2015 Discovery Space, kids made time machines or time-travelling robots.

Play with Plays

In the April 2015 Discovery Space program children made their own toy theatre, inspired by the one in the Museum's Everitt and  George family collection.

Children also worked with puppeteer Marianne Mettes from PuppetOOdle to help her bring some of the Museum’s toy theatre stories to a bigger stage.


See children's responses to Play with Plays


Play with Plays photos from 13 to 24 April on Flickr

Carts, carriages and carousels

In the January 2015 Discovery Space program children made their own hobbyhorse or horsedrawn toy cart, inspired by the toys on show in the Spirited: Australia's Horse Story exhibition, and the wonderful variety of horsedrawn vehicles at the Museum.

Kids also added their mark to a magical horsedrawn sulky carriage that has a history of transporting children to school.


See children's responses to Carts, carriages and carousels


Carts, carriages and carousels photos from 12-23 Jan on Flickr

Fun at home

Be inspired by our earlier Discovery Space programs and check out these free instructions to craft your own creations at home.

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