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Night at the Museum: Superstitition

A night at the Museum: Superstition. Live music, in-gallery DJ, lake-view bar, silent disco and hands-on-games. 

On Friday 13 November 2013, Night at the Museum was all about superstition. Inspired by the date of the event, we scoured the collection for relevant items and discovered a poster from 1949 about how superstition persists in the modern age:

How do you explain the survival of these practices among educated people? DO people really believe in the superstitions, or are they prompted by habit or sub-conscious fears? Why do many who scoff at superstition still feel uneasy if they occupy Room 13 or walk under a ladder?

In advance of the event, we shared a video ... and invited viewers to take a quiz to find out where they sit on the continuum from skeptic to super-superstitious.

On the night, punters could rise to our superstition challenge, disco-dance in suspicious silence, or compete in a mini-tournament of The Museum Game.

Two women with witch hats standing under a ladder in a crowded hall where a large sign asks 'Are you superstitious?'

Witches, clearly unfazed by walking under a ladder.


People dancing in a colourfully lit hall
Silent disco!


Two young men in front of a prototype Holden car
Superspicious ...


Four people with yellow bandanas in a victory pose
Victory pose in advance of the Museum Game – jinx? (They didn't win.)


Four people with blue bandanas crowding around an iPad in a museum exhibition
Winning players at work play. Congratulations, Urban Legends! We trust you enjoyed your Ultimate Coffee Experience.

 1st prize medal showing four happy people with the title 'Urban Legends'