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Night at the Museum: Fear

Night at the Museum: Fear

Fear is one of the most powerful of human emotions. Faced with impending danger, your hair stands on end. Blood runs cold. Flesh creeps. It is one of the intense emotions explored in our Eternity gallery. We challenged visitors to push their panic buttons and join us for Night at the Museum: Fear on Friday 31 October 2014.

Night at the Museum: Fear highlights

Facing your fears

Colour photograph of a woman lying in a coffin. The woman wears surgical scrubs and gloves and has blood painted on her face, neck and hands.
Another brave soul faces fear in our 'try before you die' coffin.
Visitors tried our 'try before you die' coffin, took up the open-mic comedy with Mikey Robins, visited our murder crime scene, delved into the 'scary, touchy, feely' mystery boxes and took fancy dress and face-painting to new heights.

Colour photograph of a three people. The man and woman on the outside have half their faces painted.
Our open mic MC Mikey Robins. We were very impressed with everyone who faced their fear of public speaking and made their comedy debut at the Museum. Not to mention the first-class face-painting!