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People living with dementia


Access programs and services

John Mulvaney pointing to a case with a group of elderly people watching and listening. A case of boomerangs is in the background

Enjoy the moment! The collections, exhibitions and galleries at the Museum are instilled with remarkable stories – and a great story often prompts the retelling of many others! 

Our programs for people living with dementia aim to engage all participants with aspects of the National Museum’s collection, including objects and their stories.

gramophone playing a record

Reminiscence workshops

Our ‘reminiscence’ themed workshops for people living with dementia and their families provide an intimate morning-tea setting where participants are invited to share stories around set themes and objects. The group continues the conversation by taking a tour of some of the Museum’s highlights relating to the day’s theme.


Our special concert events are much bigger events held in the National Museum’s Visions Theatre. Be entertained by a live performance and let the music stir your senses. Throughout the event, you can also hear how a great story can elevate an object from the obscure to the extraordinary.

There is usually a small cost to attend the concert.

Bookings and requests

Bookings are essential for our scheduled access programs – please see calendar entries for contact options.

If you have a group of 10 or more people and you would like to schedule a new music workshop, please contact us via email at We will do our best to accommodate your group and your preferences.