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Coffee and bushrangers in gold country
By Karolina Kilian, 27 Feb 2015

Is Cycling Normal?
By Daniel Oakman, 18 Feb 2015

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“Here's an attempt to make a calm, rational comment in the discussion: I ride a bit but mostly drive (I live a long way out of town on gravel roads). The main thing I find that cyclists do that makes driving more difficult is they switch from being like a car (on the road, stopping at lights) to being like a pedestrian (on the path, crossing with the walk signal) and back again at will. Now, usually this is not a problem, and often it makes sense, but it makes them very unpredictable, and a key aspect of driving well is anticipation. When I see a car, I can assume it will stay on the road and stop at traffic lights; I can't with a cyclist. They can do 'anything'. Cyclists are often too difficult to anticipate, which is dangerous for them and difficult and frustrating for drivers. This is compounded when they then abuse me for getting to close to them; I recently had an angry cyclist bang on the bonnet of my car -- never mind that he had just ridden off a bike path and onto the road in front of me, it was somehow my fault for not anticipating his erratic behaviour. Also, I've seen too many small kids, one of whom got a head injury, knocked down by rushing bikes. Cyclists often don't slow down around unpredictable and unwise small children when they should. Yet these are only a few events over quite a long time and a lot of miles on the road. As usual, most people do the right thing most of the time, and clearly bikes are good in fitness and environmental ways. The bad stuff sticks in the mind, all the polite and proper behaviour hardly gets noticed. Human nature, I guess.”
Comment on Is Cycling Normal? by Darren, 21 Feb 2015