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What is this?
By Ange, 15 Jul 2014

The first prototype of Kspace
By Karina, 07 Jul 2014

People & Environment Blog

The horses’ birthday
By Martha Sear, 31 Jul 2014

Toxic tales from the Pilliga
By Cameron Muir, 30 Jul 2014

Latest Blog Comment

“Hello Cameron, I very much enjoyed reading your PATE blog entry about your trip to the Pilliga. Apart from being a superbly written blog, it was particularly resonant for me as I lived in Narrabri in 1986-87, as a young Visual Arts teacher at the local government high school. It creates a strange blend of heartbreak and anger when looking at your account of what is going on in the Pilliga. Your description of it as being burnt out and battered is spot-on, and yet as you and others have seen, it’s still a fragile an ecosystem, particularly when subjected to the threat of CSG leaks and water table contamination. Thank you for sharing your experiences up there, and for doing so in such a well-crafted and compelling blog post. I have been working on some teaching resources for the new Australian Curriculum – Geography; your Pilliga blog contains some tremendously useful context in relation to those resources. Sincerely, Mitch Preston Learning Services and Community Outreach section National Museum of Australia”
Comment on Toxic tales from the Pilliga by Mitch Preston, 31 Jul 2014