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A spirited preview
By Cath, 03 Sep 2014

Deep connections
By Stephen, 13 Aug 2014

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A Botanical life – a new chapter
By Karolina Kilian, 12 Sep 2014

By Daniel Oakman, 08 Sep 2014

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“Hey Daniel, While I know that truth is stranger than fiction...I'm finding it almost impossible to believe that Professor Tipper rode his bike for 40,000 kms, 40 kms...or even 4km! While Grand Tour riders are magicians who defy what normal people could withstand over long periods of gruelling cycling, at least everything is done to make their bikes comfortable and fast!... and they can stretch their legs whilst riding along...I'm beginning to feel that in believing your story, my leg is being incredibly stretched, possibly pulled! ...and I know I saw the youtube guy racing with my own eyes, but ouch, I think he fell off just after the camera stopped.”
Comment on The Strange Case of Professor Tipper: cyclist extraordinaire by Carol Cooper, 11 Aug 2014