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The Path of the Bogong: Land & People
By anupbailey, 22 Aug 2016

Mapping a rugged landscape
By Catriona Donnelly, 12 Aug 2016

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“every single Australian would not be hear with out the horse. Australia could not have been settled and made in to the country it is today with out them.and yet many people want to kill them. what kind of people does that make us that we kill someone after they had worked they but off for us but we just kill them because we think we dont need them anymore. who is going to go to the high country just to see a plant anyway. i personally only make the trip up to the high country to see the wild horses. i just ask the other students around me and they feel the same. the only way people are going to go up there are see the landscape is if we keep the horses there.without them we have a amazing place that no one really wants to see. what is the first thing that we think of when you think of Australia. the man from snowy river. the horse is part of Australia and we cant just through it away.”
Comment on Horses in the high country by horse protector, 11 Aug 2016