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National History Challenge

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The new Kspace is undergoing a trial period until 18 October 2015

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Engage & Learn Blog

The story of developing Kspace
By Karina, 22 Jul 2015

Kspace trial period begins soon!
By Karina, 16 Jul 2015

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Projections & the Past
By Vic McEwan, 03 Aug 2015

Trees & Time
By George Main, 17 Jul 2015

Latest Blog Comment

“Hi Lynda, thanks for the link to Bethany's article! It's great to hear what apps other museums are using and the successes and challenges they experience. I'm looking forward to reporting in with more thoughts on iPads in the Museum as we bed down this technology and trial new apps. Cheers, Amanda.”
Comment on iPads, apps and museum education by Amanda, 27 Jul 2015