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A spirited preview
By Cath, 03 Sep 2014

Deep connections
By Stephen, 13 Aug 2014

People & Environment Blog

What happens to all those racehorses?
By Martha Sear, 01 Oct 2014

A Spirited opening event
By Jennifer Wilson, 24 Sep 2014

Latest Blog Comment

“Like many I was shocked to see the museum perpetuating what is essentially an urban myth by the inclusion of a street theatre stunt piece in their exhibition. The RSPCA study above clearly shows the vast majority of ex racehorses go onto other career post racing. So the statement above is actually misleading, the RSPCA had actually studied the issue and produced a report that states the facts, CPR has no basis to their 15,000 slaughtered claim what so ever, and it defies basic common sense. The RSPCA do not use this claim or figure, it is totally fabricated by CPR, the article should probably be revised to distinguish between those who have studied the area and those who run political campaigns against racing.”
Comment on What happens to all those racehorses? by John, 01 Oct 2014