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The Home Front: Australia during the First World War

What does the National Museum of Australia exhibition The Home Front tell us about Australia in the First World War?

The Home Front: Australia during the First World War

We know a lot about the Australian soldiers of the First World War and the nature of the war they experienced, but what was life like on the home front?

Were people united or divided? Did they all support the war or oppose it? Were there pressures on men to enlist? Or on women to become nurses? On people to raise money for the war? On people who did not volunteer to be conscripted? On opponents of the war to keep quiet?

This unit of work enables students to explore some of these issues by accessing diverse primary sources, videos, interactive modules and research links on their computers or tablets and meeting some of the people who lived on the home front during the First World War.

By looking at the rich personal narratives of 16 Australians who spent the war years on the home front, we understand more about the impact of war on Australia at home.

The unit is available in two formats:

pdfas a printable PDF (PDF 5mb)

pdfas an online unit for use with personal computers and tablets (PDF 20mb)


Further information and more personal stories can be found on The Home Front website.

The Home Front is an excellent resource for the National History Challenge 2015 theme Leadership and Legacy.

To develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the impacts of the First World War on the home front further, see the Australian History Mysteries website  for a decision-maker case study: Did World War 1 unite or divide communities.