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Having opinions on issues

Good citizenship? Talkback Classroom

Talkback Classroom front cover

Curriculum areas: Media, English, historical skills

Years: 6–10

Key curriculum links: Natural and Social Systems, Informed and Active Citizenship; Discovering Democracy; Investigation, Participation and Communication.

This unit of work introduces the National Museum of Australia's senior secondary program Talkback Classroom. It provides a way of helping students explore issues in a way that involves active and informed citizenship processes, and is an excellent vehicle for helping students improve their communication skills and confidence, develop informed opinions, and actively engage with decision-makers in their own and the broader community.

Topics include:

  • identifying issues
  • researching your interview
  • planning your interview
  • carrying out your interview

What is Talkback Classroom?

Talkback Classroom at the National Museum of Australia was a regular forum for senior secondary school students which ran from 2003 until its conclusion in mid-2008. Past forums can be accessed from the links below. A unit of work is available to explore the themes of Talkback Classroom in your own class.

Talkback Classroom is still running in its own right - visit Talkback Classroom: a voice for the voteless  

Highlights from previous Talkback Classroom programs held at the National Museum of Australia