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Finding 'Smithy'

How should we remember and commemorate Sir Charles Kingsford Smith?

Finding Smithy front cover

Curriculum areas: Australian history, historical skills

Years: 6–10

Key curriculum links: Time, Continuity and Change; Culture and Identity; Investigation, Communication and Participation.

In this unit of work students investigate how Sir Charles Kingsford Smith has been represented in history and asks them to construct their own museum representation of him.

The themes and topics include:

  • exploring the legend
  • his early life
  • his pioneer achievements
  • his qualities and character
  • other assessments
  • reflecting on reality and images of heroes
  • your museum display


On page 4 this publication states:

  • 'Enlisted in the AIF on his 18th birthday 10 February 1915'. Charles Kingsford Smith was born on 9 February, so he enlisted the day after he turned 18.
  • 'Wounded – two toes shot off in an aerial combat 1917'. It would be more accurate to say that Smithy's foot was shattered during aerial combat, and that he later had three toes and part of his foot amputated.