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Travelling the Silk Road

What can a journey along the Silk Road tell us about the past?

Cover of the Silk Road unit of work

This unit of work uses content from a recent temporary exhibition, Travelling the Silk Road – about the ancient trade route – to help students explore issues related to:

  • life at the time of the Silk Road
  • how trade brought different civilisations together
  • how trade influenced these civilisations
  • how different civilisations gained from others and what they gave to others

The unit is useful for addressing Australian Curriculum: History at Year 8 which requires students to consider how major civilisations of the world came into contact with each other. In particular it explores the contribution to the Silk Road made by the following ancient cities:

  • Xi’an
  • Turfan
  • Samarkand
  • Baghdad

In the unit students are asked to travel along the Silk Road passing through the four cities and create a report of what they discover along the way.