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Images of the nation

Investigating images of the nation

Images of the Nation - front cover

Curriculum areas: Australian history, historical skills, English

Years: 6–10

Key curriculum links: Time, Continuity and Change; Natural and Social Systems; Place and Space; Investigation, Communication and Participation

In this unit of work students explore the meaning of some significant symbols of Australia by analysing some objects and artefacts from the Museum's former Nation gallery. They then consider how they would add a symbol or theme about the nation to the Nation gallery by creating their own display. Themes and topics explored include:

  • 'reading' symbols and placing symbols in context
  • flag and coat of arms
  • 'lest we forget' ANZAC
  • the suburbs
  • the shearer
  • creating your own 'nation' display

Note: we are currently reviewing this resource so at this stage it is unavailable.