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Gold and civilisation

Gold and Civilisation - Teachers edition front cover

Curriculum areas: Australian history, geography

Years: 4–9

Key curriculum links:

Time, Continuity and Change; Resources; Place and Space; Investigation, Communication and Participation.

The Museum's first 'blockbuster' exhibition Gold and Civilisation (March to June 2001) explored our timeless fascination with gold. It revealed how the discovery of gold contributed to the development of modern Australia.

Two education packs were developed in conjunction with the exhibition. These provide a comprehensive resource for teachers planning a unit of work on the impact of the discovery of gold on Australia. The teachers' pack also includes information on current mining methods and the uses of gold in contemporary society.

 Teacher information pack

A comprehensive resource pack comprising of background information, curriculum links, activity sheets and additional resources on the topics of:

  • life on the goldfields
  • minorities on the goldfields
  • gold: the yellow metal
  • old gold and tall tales.

Student activities pack

A highly visual resource pack containing activities that encourage students to explore paintings, quotations and songs as historical evidence that can offer an insight into the Australian goldfields experience.

Topics and activities include:

  • life on the goldfields
  • goldfield deposits
  • women on the goldfields
  • the digger
  • Charles Thatcher: a biography and songs
  • extension activities: harvest of endurance scroll