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Glorious Days: Australia 1913

What was life like in Australia 100 years ago?

How much have things changed? How much have they stayed the same?

Glorious Days: Australia 1913 

This unit of work uses content from a recent National Museum of Australia exhibition Glorious Days: Australia 1913. The exhibition explored life in Australia one hundred years ago through examining the themes of:

  • Sport and leisure
  • Nation building
  • A social laboratory
  • Australia’s first peoples
  • An Australian style
  • A musical year
  • Moving images
  • Australian empire
  • Defending Australia

These themes are particularly relevant to students studying history in both Year 6 and Year 9.

With this unit of work students can:

  • explore whether Australia in 1913 was really a ‘working man’s paradise’
  • understand the contributions different individuals and groups have made to the development of Australian society
  • critically examine living and working conditions in Australia around the turn of the twentieth century.

Students will interrogate some key objects, images and text from the exhibition and complete various tasks.

The unit is available in two formats:

pdf as a printable PDF (13mb)
pdf as an online unit for use with personal computers and tablets (PDF 61mb)