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Life at the time of Federation

Exploring a ‘time capsule’ of evidence

Life at the time of Federaation: Front cover- unit of work

Curriculum areas: Australian history, geography

Years: 6–10

Key curriculum links: Time, Continuity and Change; Place Space; Culture; Investigation, Communication and Participation

This unit of work encourages students to investigate what life was like in Australia at the time of Federation by examining a 'time capsule' containing seven key objects used at the time of Federation. Students explore the meaning of these objects to reveal their role in our national identity and their importance in the Federation process. The seven objects in this unit are:

  • Australia's first national stamp
  • Citizens' Arch, Melbourne
  • The Bulletin magazine
  • Trans Australian Railway booklet
  • William Farrer's plough
  • a postcard
  • Chinese hand print