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Creating an object-based narrative of Australian history in the classroom

Telling the story of Australia through Circa (Unit of work cover)

Curriculum areas: Australian history, historical skills

Years: 6–9

History is, among other things, a story. Students enjoy hearing stories and creating them. One of these narrative stories is presented in the National Museum of Australia's Circa multimedia experience. Circa is a rotating theatre located at the entry to the National Museum of Australia's galleries.

It is a highlight of most students' experience at the Museum. The Circa multimedia presentation establishes a chronological narrative from the continent's deep time to contemporary Australia.

This is a great activity for students who are able to visit Canberra, but even if teachers do not take their students on an excursion to the National Capital the story presented by Circa is one that has great relevance to the history classroom. This unit provides resources and suggested activities to help teachers achieve a variety of desirable learning outcomes using the Circa model.