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The first golden age of cricket – Flash interactive

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The Golden Age of Cricket (2.88mb) (requires Flash)
Peek into the lockers of some of the cricketers who played for Australia from 1900-1940.
For 10-12 year olds.


Find out about the history of cricket in Australia by tracking the roots of cricket back to colonisation and how the British Empire influenced where cricket is played.

Explore the lockers in a sports change room to find out about people that first helped Australia become a great cricketing nation. Examine sporting equipment, photographs, text and archival footage about a diverse range of Australian cricketers from the period 1900-40. These include women and Aboriginal cricketers, as well as famous players such as Don Bradman and Victor Trumper.

After examining the lockers, make a documentary newsreel about Australia's first golden age of cricket in a virtual edit room. Use text, pictures, audio clips and film clips found in the lockers to describe how Australia became a great cricketing nation.

Objects from the Museum's collection used in the interactive include Victor Trumper's bat, a cricket ball used by Eddie Gilbert and Mollie Flaherty's scrapbooks and cricket shoes.